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Sales, Customer Service and Wine Training

Service Approach to Sales Training
W’est Solutions is committed to educating and training individuals to understand the entire concept of wine, selling and complete customer service. The specialised training programs will increase revenue, reduce staff turnover, improve communication skills, increase motivation, and create a team dedicated to customer service.

Simple techniques are taught to drive sales forward with a defining service element that will have your business stand out with distinction and with a competitive advantage from your competition. All training programs are designed to increase your revenue and overcome problem areas such as staff turnover, and motivational issues.

On – trade is a highly competitive market, especially in hard financial times. Service is why people return. It is about the experience, not necessarily about the price.

Why Customer Service Training?
Here are a few facts:

  • It costs 5 times more to attain a new customer that it does to keep an existing one.
  • 68% of customers don’t come back due to the negative attitude or indifference of the staff towards them.
  • 14% don’t come back because of poor product.
  • 9% leave simply because of competitive reasons.
  • 1% dies.
  • 8% move.
  • It takes 12 positive service actions to make up for one negative one.
  • The average one disappointed customer will tell 8-16 people about it.
  • 95% percent of customers will return if their complaint is resolved instantly.
  • 91% will not return if their complaint is not resolved instantly.
W'est Solutions

Wine Education

Sandy creates each wine training program to motivate and get the best out of your team by using your existing wine list.

A specific evaluation is carried out prior to commencing the training. From this evaluation and information from the management we highlight the problem areas, and then create a wine training session that is simple and effective.

It is designed to be interactive, fun and focused on results.

Fact: Many staff members don’t have a genuine interest in wine. W’est courses are designed to teach these people skills and knowledge that they can relate to and use immediately after the course is completed.

It is extremely effective. The results are in the revenue.

W'est Solutions

Why choose W’est in addition to supplier training?

  • It is what we do. W’est specialises and is focused on achieving results for your business.
  • Originally from Canada, Sandy truly understands great customer service.
  • Sandy evaluates each business individually and creates bespoke training programs so that you get the results you are after. She is straight forward and to the point with her business and her clients.
  • The courses are interactive and motivating.
  • All training groups are kept to fewer than 20 people in order to focus on individuals.
  • We believe in working alongside your suppliers. Knowledge is power, the more we share the more success you have.
  • Sandy has 19 years of wine knowledge, sales and service experience.
  • W’est is professional, passionate and dedicated to every client they work with.
  • We use your products so your staff is learning directly. There is no transition once they are back at work.
  • We come to you at a time that you choose. If you wish for off site training, W’est can arrange this for you.
  • W’est has an integral 3 tier follow up system that is included in the daily training fee. Unlike our competitors we do not charge per person.

“I go in, do the business without wasting time and money. My time is spent delivering results to my clients.”

W'est Solutions

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